District News

TVA visits Friendship Elementary 2

Friendship Elementary 4th grade students recently enjoyed a visit with a guest speaker from TVA. The class conducted a water quality experiment using water from the Forked Deer River.

CCHS Art Club competes in Humboldt's Annual Main Street Window Competition

The Art Club and some of the Art II Students of CCHS are off to a great start in painting the windows of The Coffee Shop in Humboldt, TN for the annual Main Street window competition.

Veterans Day Tribute v

Crockett County Schools held multiple Veterans Day tributes to honor all who have served in our United States Armed Forces. We love all of our Veterans! Thank you!

Professional Development Field Day pic

Professional Development for staff looked a little different for our October PD day. The day was spent building team relationships, boosting morale, and just having fun! 

Letter from the Director of Schools regarding Social Media Challenges ii

Across the nation, schools are observing an increase in concerning student behaviors that are linked to social media, especially the app TikTok. As many CCSS schools communicated with families a few weeks ago, an increase in vandalism and theft in schools and on buses was linked to a TikTok challenge. Recently, the District has been made aware of other planned challenges that promote crimes such as assaulting employees, sexual assault, and public nudity. 

Advance Child Tax Credit Information tax

The Advance Child Tax Credit is not just available to taxpayers with children that file tax returns, but also to people with children who have low or no income.

Should you take the vaccine?

Several Crockett County advisors in various fields of expertise discuss the COVID-19 vaccine.

Crockett County Schools Foundational Literacy Skills Plan TN
Interquest Detection Canines Interquest Canines

To the Crockett County Schools Parents, Faculty & Staff, 

Crockett County Schools always wants to stay on the forefront when it comes to school safety and ensuring the protection of our students. Currently, the school system works with the sheriff's department for yearly campus searches but the Board feels that searches done once a year are not effective preventive measures. The Crockett County School Board has entered into a contract with lnterquest Detection Canines to implement random and monthly searches on school campuses effective immediately. 

lnterquest Detection Canines provides passive, friendly, trained and certified dogs led by certified handlers to detect illicit substances and contraband including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol, pills, gunpowder, ammunition and firearms. 

By conducting random and unannounced searches throughout the school year, students are less likely to bring illegal substances on campus. The lnterquest program is a deterrent. The whole point is to keep our campus safe and provide a learning environment free of illegal substances. Other schools using the lnterquest canine program have seen dramatic decreases in drugs and other illegal substances on campuses. 

As a parent, I want my child to attend school free of distractions so that he is able to reach his full potential. I want every student in the Crockett County School System to be given that same opportunity. 

Being proactive about student and school safety is a great reason to add lnterquest Detection Canines to our school safety program at Crockett County Schools. 

When our program starts in November, we will be happy to welcome Tim Teft and Sierra to our safety team. 

P.A. Pratt